Pages 58-74: Effect Of The Bottom Opening Of The Moonpool On The Hydrodynamics Of A Conceptual FPSO

Abhishek Yadav, Anantha Subramanian, P. Ananthakrishnan


We present a CFD analysis conducted on various bottom opening designs of the conceptual FPSO vessel equipped with circular moonpool. FPSO's are generally ship-shaped offshore structures equipped with LNG tanks and liquefaction plants. Moonpool is a vertical opening in the floating body used for launching and retrieving subsea equipment. The moonpool could be found in different shapes from rectangular, as in drillships, to circular section shape, as in Floating Production Units. The main advantage of it is that the operations can be carried out without the influence of the dynamic effects of waves and currents. Still, there are several problems associated with moonpool operations such as the excessive motions of the water column inside the moonpool in either Piston or Sloshing mode. The bottom opening has a significant role to play on the operation through the moonpool not only in case of the FPSOs but also in the other vessels integrated with the moonpools. In this paper, the underwater shape of the moonpool of an FPSO moonpool is varied, and the hydrodynamics of the vessel is monitored. CFD had proven to be a useful tool to not only capture the complex dynamics of the water-free surface motion but also to evaluate the hydrodynamic forces. In the study, it was found and established that bottom opening governs the amplitude of oscillation inside the moonpool, the nature and magnitude of the response of the vessel.


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