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No 6: An Analysis Of Productivity Spillovers From Foreign Direct Investment In India’s Services Sector AN ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTIVITY SPILLOVERS FROM FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN INDIA’S SERVICES SECTOR Abstract
pooja dinesh thakur
No 4: An Analysis Of The Export Competitiveness Of BRIC AN ANALYSIS OF THE EXPORT COMPETITIVENESS OF BRIC Abstract   PDF
Neha Nitin Karnik
No 7: Causality Between Trade Openness And Economic Growth: Experience Of India And China CAUSALITY BETWEEN TRADE OPENNESS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: EXPERIENCE OF INDIA AND CHINA Abstract
L. G. Burange, Rucha R. Ranadive, Neha N. Karnik
No 14: Concentration And Efficiency In Indian Manufacturing: A Regional Study CONCENTRATION AND EFFICIENCY IN INDIAN MANUFACTURING - A REGIONAL STUDY A.M.Swaminathan , M. Gupta , A. Tiwari , N. Prakash Abstract
Alamelu Mangal Swaminathan
No 8: Foreign Direct Investment and Intra-Industry Trade in India’s Manufacturing Sector: a Casual Relationship Foreign Direct Investment and Intra-Industry Trade in India’s Manufacturing Sector: A Causal Relationship Abstract
hemangi kiran kelkar
No 9: India’s Export Competitiveness And Complementarity In Services INDIA’S EXPORT COMPETITIVENESS AND COMPLEMENTARITY IN SERVICES Abstract
hemangi kiran kelkar
No 10: Inflation Differential And Inflation Targeting In India INFLATION DIFFERENTIAL AND INFLATION TARGETING IN INDIA Abstract
Anuradha Patnaik
No 2: Inter-State Analysis Of The Organised Manufacturing Sector In India INTER-STATE ANALYSIS OF THE ORGANISED MANUFACTURING SECTOR IN INDIA Abstract
L. G. Burange, Rucha R. Ranadive
No 11: State-Level Analysis Of Employment In The Construction Sector Of India STATE-LEVEL ANALYSIS OF EMPLOYMENT IN THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR OF INDIA Abstract
Kadambari Paresh Chheda, Anuradha Patnaik
No 1: Trade Openness And Economic Growth Nexus: A Case Study Of Brics TRADE OPENNESS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH NEXUS: A CASE STUDY OF BRICS Abstract
L.G Burange, Rucha R Ranadive, Neha N Karnik
No 3: Transmission Mechanism Of Exchange Rate Pass-Through In India TRANSMISSION MECHANISM OF EXCHANGE RATE PASS-THROUGH IN INDIA Abstract   PDF
Rucha R. Ranadive, L G Burange
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